FM WhatsApp: A User’s Perspective

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application, offering users a plethora of additional features not found in the original app. This enhanced version brings customization, privacy features, and much more to the table, providing a unique messaging experience. Let’s delve deeper into the specifics that make FM WhatsApp stand out.

Enhanced Privacy Features

Freeze Last Seen

Users can freeze their last seen status, allowing them to use the app without showing their actual last seen time. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who wish to maintain a level of privacy about their app usage times.

Disable Forwarded Tag

When you forward a message from one chat to another, the original app labels it as “forwarded.” FM WhatsApp allows users to disable this tag, making it look like the message was originally composed by them, thus maintaining the originality of the message.

Hide View Status

This feature enables users to view others’ statuses without letting them know. It offers the freedom to stay updated without revealing your activity.

Customization Options


FM WhatsApp comes with an in-built theme store where users can download from hundreds of themes to customize the app’s look according to their preferences. This feature allows for a personalized messaging experience, setting it apart from the standard version.

Fonts and Styles

The app offers a variety of fonts and styles, enabling users to personalize their chat appearance further. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, or a quirky font, FM WhatsApp has got you covered.

Increased Limits

Group Name Length

Unlike the original WhatsApp, which limits the group name to 25 characters, FM WhatsApp extends this limit to 35 characters, allowing for more descriptive and detailed group names.

Status Characters

The status characters limit in FM WhatsApp is increased to 250 characters, compared to the original app’s 139 characters. This enhancement lets users express themselves more fully and creatively.

Media Sharing Capabilities

Send Large Files

FM WhatsApp users can send up to 50 MB of video files and 100 MB of audio files, significantly more than the original app’s 16 MB limit for videos and audio. This feature is especially useful for sharing high-quality media without the need for external file-sharing services.

Image Quality

While WhatsApp compresses images, resulting in quality loss, FM WhatsApp allows for sending images at up to 90% quality, ensuring that your photos reach the recipient without significant quality degradation.


FM WhatsApp offers a suite of features that cater to users looking for more control over their messaging experience. From privacy enhancements to customization options, it provides a compelling alternative to the original WhatsApp application. However, users should be aware of the potential security risks associated with using modified apps and weigh these against the benefits they offer. For those interested in exploring the features of FM WhatsApp, it represents a significant upgrade over the standard messaging experience, providing tools and options that put the user in the driver’s seat of their messaging platform.

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